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Smudge 6 July 2014

Dear All,

Thank you so much for the care and attention given to Smudge while she had another weeks holiday with you. As ever she looks so well it is obvious that the care she was given was second to none. Hope she didn’t attack you too often this time!!!

She is looking forward to another week with you later this year.

Once again many thanks to all the staff at the five star cattery.

Maureen and Bob

Enzo 30 June 2014

This was Enzo’s 3rd holiday here.Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you provide. I have no worries sending Enzo here for his holidays. He loves it and is always happy. When speaking to staff they always show that they have got to know my boy. All the pens are very clean and roomy. Thank you again and we will see you again for his nxt holiday (still to book) Nicki, Will and Ruby

Chris Jones 30 June 2014

I’ve never used a cattery before and was very nervous about leaving my 15 year old cat but i have to say the service, facilities and professionalism was fantastic, you put my mind at ease and I knew she was going to be looked after well, I cannot thank you all enough and I know from now on in I have found an excellent cattery and would recommend it to anyone, Mara was never the most sociable of cats but shes come back from her holiday with a personality transplant!

Thank you so much to everyone.

Chris & Mara

kerry wall 17 May 2014

Thank you so much for looking after Harry while we were away, he was so happy and well looked after in your care. The cattery is lovely very clean, and well set out, and Harry who is not the most friendly cat. thought the ladies were lovely. We will be back again soon. Best wishes to you all.

Smudge 6 April 2014

Many thanks to all for looking after Smudge again during our short break away. We know she is always well cared for and we wouldn’t leave her with anyone else. It gives us piece of mind while on holiday to know she is in good hands. Needless to say she will be back quite soon for another stay at High Heath.

Maureen & Bob

Bluebell & Hector 22 March 2014

Our first stay and we loved it! Hector was a little shy to start but that changed. We are liking forwTd to be back in June, and the ladies looked after us so well!!

Charlotte 3 March 2014

I have just collected my cat after a weekend away. What a lovely Cattery very clean and certainly has the personal touch. I have already booked her in for our next holiday!

Claire and Lewis 23 February 2014

Thank you for looking after Bella so well. We love your cattery and always feel really confident leaving her with you. See you again in May. Claire and Lewis

Sebastian 23 February 2014

I had a great time on holiday at High Heath Cattery, all the ladies are lovely and I have asked to go back again soon (for 2 weeks over the summer - yippeee!)

Thanks, Sebastian x

Ollie 21 September 2013

Many thanks for my lovely holiday, I am back home hunting for frogs & mice now, I need to get the exercise!

See you soon, Ollie xx

Smudge Bonsall 1 September 2013

Hi All Once again many thanks to Lynn and all the staff at High heath Cattery. It is wonderful to know we can go on holiday and have no worries about leaving Smudge. She is always so well cared for that we have peace of mind while away. What would we do without you! Maureen and Bob

Louise & John 10 August 2013

Thank you so much for looking after Molly and Spice this week. They’ve had a great time, and have become best of friends. They’re already looking forward to their next holiday!

Sue Sherriff 25 June 2013

Hello Aunty Lynn and staff Koko and Lucy here just want to say a big thank you to you all for looking after us whilst mom went on holiday. We love coming to High Heath because we get spolt rotten lots of cuddles and play we also get lots of food which we love also we like our luxury chalets and the veiw outside is wonderful it really is lovely to be spoilt we have told mom that she needs to go away for longer next time so that we can have a longer stay also we like meeting new friends. Lucy and Koko x

Smudge Bonsall 15 May 2013

Hi All, Just to say a big thank you for looking after Smudge once again while we went away for a few days.We know we can leave her with you and have peace of mind while we take a break.. She always looks so well groomed on her return and we know she loves staying with you. You give so much care and fuss to her during her stay, that she seems reluctant to leave! So once again many thanks to Lyn and all the staff at the five star cattery. xx

Pearl Field 14 May 2013

Many thanks for all your care and kindness looking after my moms old cat Sophie ,my mom is 92 so Sophie came to High Heath while she was in hospital, Sophie’s health is declining with age ,Lyn took her to the vet during her stay because she was worried about her then rang me with the results , this was so much appreciated. anyone worried about their pet. . . no need ! just pop off on holiday and leave all to High Heath, Lyn and her team treat all in their care as their own they are just wonderful .* * * * * Five Stars for sure , thank you again for you care x pearl

Rachel Moule 28 April 2013

Our lovely Russian Blue Stan always comes for his holidays to High Heath Cattery, and having previously tried a few others, we would not consider sending him anywhere else. He is quite a shy gentle cat, who doesn’t cope so well with strangers, but here he is clearly cared for very nicely indeed and always returns to us relaxed and contented. The ladies who run this cattery are genuine animal lovers I think he is spoilt with fuss! Thank you for all your kind care of our Stan over the years!

Sue Sherriff 14 April 2013

Lucy and Ko ko stayed at High Heath Cattery on the 16th March for one week Lucy is a All Black half Siamese Ko ko is a Seal point Tabby Siamese. The care the cats were given is second to none they came back from the cattery all chilled they stayed last year and they were also looked after really well. The Chalets that they have are all heated they have quilts in there when we went away it was really cold but the comfort the cats have and warmth is wonderful. All of the staff that look after the animals are all real animal lovers this must be by far one of the bests catteries i have come across i cant praise them enough. Take your cats there and be sure of a warm welcome warm accomodation and plenty of cuddles and play. Sue Sherriff

Susan Bull 7 April 2013

Would like to say a big thank you for the care you gave to Milly & Felix. It was the first time I had to put them in a cattery and was worried about them. But I had nothing to worry about as they were well looked after and didn’t even want to come home. Even when they wouldn’t eat the cat food they eat at home, you found a cat food they would eat. I would definately recommend this cattery. It was clean, warm, friendly and the care they show your cats is excellent. Thank you once again

julian brown 6 April 2013

many thanks for looking after pebble on his first visit - i was so pleased he settled in, and he was relaxed and content when i collected him, and looked well. thanks for taking care of him, will be more than happy leaving him in your care on his next longer stay with you in june.

Arthur 28 October 2012

Well this time he was at hiscountry holiday cottage for 2.5 weeks while we got married and went on honeymoon and I cannot thank you all enough for the care you show to all the cats in your care. He has come back a relaxed and happy cat and his fur is just so soft. We really are so grateful to you all for the amazing care you give. See you soon. P.S Arthur says a special meow!